High Frequency Trading Software

Stock Market HFT Models and Programing

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High Frequency Trading Software refers to the different types of trading software employed by professional traders. Depending on the trader’s style, they may rely on many different types of software. Some traders may be limited to “in house” trading software (as in the case of some “prop trading firms”) while others may use various types of software for various purposes. Of course all are based upon increasing profitability.

When choosing your high frequency trading software you need to look at a few things:

  1. The Market you are trading
  2. Execution Software
  3. Charting Software
  4. Trading Signals and Alerts Software

In most cases, your software will encompass aspects from some, if not all of the above categories.

Below is a list with some brief reviews of the many different types of high frequency trading software available from different high frequency trading firms.

Active Tick – Active Tick is a low cost high frequency trading platform that offers

-Ability to trade stocks, options, and currencies.
-Multiple broker accounts
-Paper Trading
-Automated Strategy Trading
-Back Testing through 30 years of historical data.

As well as,

Active Tick Streaming Quotes:

  • Spreadsheet style quote lists
  • Custom quote views
  • Refreshing Heatmaps
  • Realtime Ticker Tape (Time & sales screens)
  • Use of Excel spreadsheets

Active Tick Advanced Charting Features:

  • 50 available trading technical indicators like Moving averages, volume etc
  • The ability to program custom indicators
  • Tick and variable intraday time intervals
  • Active Tick Trading Integration

This high frequency trading software allows you to integrate your trading platform with your broker (or multiple ones as the case may be.

Acuity Workstation by Top Gun Software

Top Gun Software is a market charting and scanning based software capable of the following scans

  • Volume scans, like finding stocks at highs and lows that are over double their volume.
  • Breakout Scans that alert you when a stock breaks out of yesterday’s high or low price or other technical factors
  • Volatility Scans that scan for certain changes in volatility
  • Gap Scans that find places where stocks have

This type of software is used to help you find profitable high frequency trading opportunities in the market.


Adaptive Modeler

This is a software program that helps you forecast and develop price fluctuations of real world stocks and securities. Their software evolves incrementally while processing the data in an attempt to quantify the change in previous data in order to make predictions about the future.

Active Modeler features include

  • Drag and drop interface,
  • Real Time charting, model creation and visualization
  • Quoting intervals of 1 millisecond to multiple days
  • A Trading Simulator
  • Risk Return Analysis
  • Data Export, and more.

The biggest advantage of Active Modeler’s trading software is that the software is adaptive and not static, allowing for a more accurate view of a high frequency trading strategy’s profitability

Advanced Get

Advanced Get is a market scanning software run by the same people who brought you Esignal. It offers the following features:

  • Advanced GET Proprietary Indicators
  • Auto Gann
  • Auto Trend Channels
  • Bias Reversal
  • Elliott Oscillator
  • Elliott Trigger
  • Elliott Waves
  • Ellipse
  • eXpert Trend Locator (XTL)
  • False Bar Stochastic
  • Gann Angles
  • Gann Box
  • Joseph Trend Index (JTI)
  • Make-or-Break (MOB)
  • Moving Average
  • Optimized Parabolic SAR
  • Profit-Taking Index (PTI)
  • Price Clusters
  • Smart Pivots
  • Time and Price Squares
  • Time Clusters
  • TJ’s Web
  • Trade Profile

High Frequency Trading Scanner

The scanner lets you search through U.S markets and the FTSE in real time.

Elliot Wave Analysis. Using current and historical data for accurate wave movements
Gann Theory Based Ellipses that allow you to remove some of the complexity of Gann Theory
A Trend Locator to help filter out random market movements
A False bar stochastic that lets you know if the overbought or oversold conditions are questionable
Fibonacci tools to help you trade within the golden ratio
Pivot Points that help you identify volatility and reversal points in the market.
Regression trend channels to help you enter the market more objectively


AIQ Trading Expert Pro

AIQ Trading Expert Pro is a high frequency trading software designed to be a complete platform for active traders.

The Software’s main features are:

  • Strategy development and testing with a portfolio simulator
  • Real time Alerts over multiple time frames that can also be sent to your email
  • Trading Barometers and real time data storage for back testing.

Algotrader by algo-trader

Algotrader is an automated trading system (ATS) designed for markets available through Interactive Brokers (IB) or FIX. It help you automate all aspects of trading like collecting data, analyzing price, , making trade decisions, and order execution.

Algotrader’s main features are:

  • The ability to automate trading strategies
  • Automated execution though brokers
  • The ability to run market simulations in parallel and back test historical data
  • Portfolio tracking and performance analysis
  • Access to statistical libraries

It is an open source project which has advantages and disadvantages in itself.


Alpha Trade

Alpha trade makes high frequency trading software named “E-Gate” and “E-Trax”. They specialize in affordable real time and mobile stock quotes, as well as charting software and financial content.


AmiBroker high frequency trading software is known for its high speed (able to back test 10 years is less than 1 second) and feature rich platform.

The main features of amibroker are:

  • Back testing for multiple time frames, symbols, and strategies at very high speeds.
  • Detailed Charting applications that allow for symbol linking, interval linking, zoom and more.
  • Real Time alerts, quotes, time and sales, and more

Programming features that include automatic formula creation.

AmiBroker appears to be attempting to take on esignal’s dominance in the field of high frequency trading software.

Aspen Graphics

Aspen Graphics is a charting software for trading equities, options, bonds, Forex, and mutual funds. They do have products that are powered by Bloomberg market data as well.


ATRADER is an Advanced Charting, Profiling, and Algorithmic Trading Software for Stocks/Futures/Bonds/Forex.
The software supports interactive Brokers, Transact, Zenfire and DTN data feeds.


AutoScalper trades stocks, futures, and forex products though interactive brokers. It works by scalping fluctuations in price action through automation.

Best Direct Trading.

Best Direct Trading Software allows you to trade Futures, Forex, and Options. Run by peregrine falcon group, Best Direct offers OCO orders, trailing stops and profit targets, and other common trading tools for basic set ups. Their focus is fast, simple and reliable.

Bracket Trader

Bracket Trader high frequency trading software uses an application programming interface (API) that interacts with IB (Interactive Brokers). It works with OCA orders (one cancels the other) so that your orders create a “Bracket” around a profitable range.

Button Trader

Button Trader works with Interactive Brokers and works best for high frequency day traders, swing traders, in stocks, options, futures, and forex accounts. It has a recorder and real time simulator for paper trading, so you can try out their system in the off market hours.

Charts Access

Chartsaccess is a service that allows you to access metatrader charts from your mobile phone or web browser

Cool Trade

Cool trade is a stock market screener/scanner that allows you to search through NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX stocks for trading opportunities. The trading software allows you to run real time simulations to test your strategies with real data.


CQG high frequency trading software integrates trading tools, global market data, advanced analytics, API, and Historical data. Their integrated client platform offers advanced order executions combined with charting and quoting tools.

The main features of the system are:

  • Two depth-of-market order book views
  • Charts with trade routing interfaces
  • Spreadsheet trading that incorporates over 200 market data elements
  • Condition Alerts
  • Pre-trade risk management analysis
  • Hosted Exchange Gateways for secure low-latency order routing
  • The CQG quoting and charting features include:
  • Real time and historical market information from over 100 global sources
  • Sixteen different charting styles
  • 100+ basic and custom studies
  • A Custom formula creator
  • Six types of alerts and multiple scans
  • Advanced back testing features
  • Advanced option strategy analytics
  • Six news sources, including Dow Jones News wires

CQG is considered one of the leaders in the industry comprised of high frequency trading software companies.

DasTrader – Direct Access Software

DAS designs software to work with high frequency traders by providing online brokerage solutions like direct access trading applications, browser-based trading, stock market data feeds, and API execution services.
They do offer a simulation software if you want to try out their products.

Their products include:

DasPro – A high frequency trading platform for basket trading, charting, and multi account management. The software offers fast executions, trailing stops and targets, along with advanced charting software.

The Das Web is the advanced browser-based platform for equities, options, and futures trading, and the The iDas is the web mobile version.



DTN.IQ is a real time news and live quote streaming service. They main focus is provide quotation data directly from the exchanges. They currently offer the following market quotes in live stream:
Stocks and options – (from N YSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, Canadian exchanges etc) as well as futures, futures options and spreads from The CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, NYBOT, KCBT, WPG, MGE, LIFFE, LME, IPE and SGX exchanges, and European Futures.

They also offer charting alerts, and scrolling news software for highly active traders.

DTN ProphetX by Televent DTN

Televent DTN provides trading tools and information to commodity traders, energy traders, and active traders that include analytical software, data feeds, and streaming quotes.


NanoTrader by Fibertec

NanoTader high frequency trading software is an attempt to combine automated trading with charting. This way, the user will not need to know how to program trading strategies with computer language, but instead, use their mouse and charting software to automate their orders.


E-Futures day trading software provides streaming quotes, market depth windows, and charting. They specialize in the Eminis.

Able Trend

Able trend is a stand alone high frequency trading platform that features 100% mechanical and automation, advanced charting and indicators, and intraday auto scanning capabilities. They also have a software version that integrates with trade station.


This software creates trading analysis around the theory of Elliot wave. It automatically creates Elliot Wave analysis with clear reports from its bullish and bearish scanning capabilities. It supports real time data from NinjaTrader

Ensign Windows by Ensign Software
Ensign has been in the business since 1981 and has grown in size to accept live data from DTN, FXCM (FREE), Infinity Futures, TradePortal Futures, DTN Satellite, TraderBytes.com, TransAct Futures, IQFeed, BarChart.com, Apex Futures, and eSignal, and Interactive Brokers.

They provide a free forex data feed and a proprietary play back feature that allows you to hone your trading skill with real market data.

eSignal by Interactive Data Corp

eSignal is one of the most popular choices of high frequency trading software among day traders. It has a profusion of levels and complexities of their software that range from easy to use, to complex analysis.
eSignal’s most dominant advantages are:

  • Global market quotes for stocks, futures, options, minis, and forex across expansive market exchanges
  • Real time market scanners with charting integration for ease of use
  • Advanced charting that allows you to create your own indicators
  • Back testing that ranges in complexity from an easy to use wizard, to in depth trading automation and executions.

eSignal also has add on services like streaming news and advanced GET.

Forex Toolkit. By Brinkster.net

The Forex Toolkit is a standalone program that aids traders in learning 16 strategies and helps them calculate risk and reward to increase profitability.


An advanced charting package for forex traders offering alerts, and emerging indicators.

Global Tec

Global Tec Software attempts to give you up to date stock analysis based upon technical indicators. Their products include high frequency software like Wizetrade, CommandTRADE, Wizetrade for Options, and 4X Made Easy.

The purpose of their software is probably to get inchoate traders over the learning curve of Technical Analysis, which it does. However removing this learning opportunity may actually hurt the trader’s profitability in the long run. As well, new traders may come to the conclusion that they can make money doing what the software says, which is not what the software does.


Trendsetter Software specializes in trading stocks and commodities on an apple Macintosh

Hydra trade – by First New York solutions.

Their active trading platform comes with configurable trading tools, mini basket functionality and the ability to trade in multiple account.

Instaquote by Direct Access Financial

Instaquote high frequency trading software is BofA Merrill Lynch’s execution management system for stocks, futures, and options trading. It integrates direct market access (DMA) algos, alternative trading systems, dark pools and other broker dealers to allow you the best choice of execution for your orders.
Their latest generation of algorithms adapt to market conditions in “Real-Time”

Interpreta by Tradermade International.

The Maverick Platform gives day traders a combination data feeds, charting, news & analysis, market alerts and proprietary commentary. It is also capable of being accessed by your mobile device.

Investor RT by Linn Software

This software features advanced charting and market analytics including a volume breakdown indicator, volume profiling indicators, and range/change/volume bars.

IQChart by InfoSpace –

An easy to use charting software that includes real time quotes, stock option and e mini futures data, stock scanning, portfolio tracking and technical indicators.


A high frequency trading software that point out key turning points in the market. Their indicators are linked to volume and price momentum and their system can be set up through automated black box trading. They currently support NinjaTrader, TradeStation, Sierra Charts, eSignal, and MultiCharts.

Laser by Genesis Securities LLC

Laser is popular among day traders for its high reliability and speed for point to point connections to ECNs, NASDAQ, and NYSE trading.
It has customizable layouts with:

  • Multipage overlap,
  • Comprehensive market depth quotes (level II),
  • Time and sales prints, and
  • Tick a minute charts (although charting is not its strongest feature).

Laser also comes with customizable keystroke commands which is a big advantage for any high frequency trading software.


LiveScan is a scanning software that lets you peruse the market for the following conditions:

  • New High
  • New Low
  • New 52High
  • New 52Low
  • Double Avg. Vol.
  • Avg. Vol. 11:00AM
  • Avg. Vol. 1:00PM
  • New 3 day High
  • New 3 day Low
  • New 5 day High
  • New 5 day Low
  • New 60 day High
  • New 60 day Low
  • Over 20-Day MA
  • Over 50-Day MA
  • Over 200-Day MA
  • Net Positive
  • Net Negative
  • Vol. > 3 Day Avg.
  • Vol. > 5 Day Avg.
  • Global Parameters

It allows you to set customizable filters for minimum and maximum prices, volume, and percentage change.



MadScan offers real time signal and list scanners for the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. Their products come in multiple features and levels starting from a free version up to Elite and Custom.


Marketcetera Software

Marketcetera Software Democratizes access to high frequency trading through its open source automated trading platform. They serve algorithmic traders and quants, trading technology execs and developers.

Market Delta

This company builds software that includes their trading platform, charting program, and heat maps.

Market Fitter

Market Fitter is a pair matching program that looks through historical patterns to find the average movement of the 10 most similar patterns. The hope is that previous movements will indicate future movements allowing you to anticipate the direction of your trade more effectively.


MarketGauge Software

This software allows you to watch former floor trader’s during live market hours. They also have a “hot scans” feature for finding market opportunity.


MBT Software

MBT Desktop pro comes with advanced charting that includes over 100 technical indicators, a complete charting program and back-testing system as well as scanning capabilities.


MetaStock by Equis International

MetaStock is one of the stop choices for analytical software among high frequency traders. It allows you to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, and indices. The very effective charting program has an optional Reuters Datalink for end of day data analysis as well as over 150 indicator and line studies (along with the ability to write your own), and an effective market scanner.

Motive Wave

Motive wave high frequency trading software allows you to trade stocks, futures, options, and more across various themes and compact charts It has a built in Elliot wave analysis feature and “trade from chart” broker integration capabilities.



MTPredictor professional trading software comes in a standalone version and an add on for the popular NinjaTrader. It features risk reward analysis and position sizing, real time data scanning, drawing tools and automatic real time alerts.

Multicharts by Ts Support

The award winning trading software for high frequency traders is used for charting, back-testing, and multi broker automated trading.
It features:


  • A realtime scanner,
  • Easy language compatibility for programming,
  • High definition charting, and
  • Fully automated trading.


by Track Data Corp – Track Data Corp provides direct access brokerage, real-time market data and news for retail and institutional investors. They have a mobile platform as well as a “non browser-based” software.


Nadex Platform

Nadex offers its customers Direct Market Access, Real Time Charts along with watch lists, and pair views. There are no platform fees, and traders only pay transaction costs.



Formerly “neo tracker”, this high frequency trading software offers real-time analysis coupled with scalability. They offer unique trading features based upon their personal research. They offer tick by tick replay features, and offer solutions for beginner traders, to active professionals.


A broker neutral platform, this software allows you to send orders to unlimited destinations in over 20 different global markets that connect to dark pools, DMA, cash, and Algorithmic destinations. They offer equities software for pairs trading, single stock one click trading, and portfolio tracking. They also provide solutions for futures, options and idea generation.



This software offers customizable indicators, a strategy optimizer (that helps you identify both profitable and useless trading rules), and a trading wizard (that helps you program)



by ATC Analytics – This software comes in both a free and paid version. The main features include; technical studies, alarms, advanced quotes and charts, formulas, window linking, tick charts, email alters and more.


Ninja Trader

A favorite among day traders, NinjaTrader high frequency trading software is considered to be one of the best value platforms for retail investors that trade equities, futures or forex. Ninja Software offers a very comprehensive strategy analyzer, back-testing, market analytics, advanced charting, trade management, and order entry. Ninja Trader software also offers high frequency traders the ability to automate their trades and play the markets in simulation mode in real-time or a market replay.

Open Quant – by SmartQuant

OpenQuant is an Automated Trading System (ATS) that offers strategy development in C# and VisualBasic.NET. It offers portfolio level system back testing and trading, market depth and book support, simulators, auto execution, routing, and FIX support among other features.


Optimal Trader

Optimal Trader offers day traders various technical indicators that are improved through their adaptive smoothing. They also offer a portfolio scan that allows you to combine several criteria with performance ratings. This allows them to alter you with trading signals found by searching through their neural net.


Options Lab

This browser-based options analyzing software lets you select one of 50 commonly used options strategies for various symbols to let you identify risk/reward and other trading factors.



This software is a free tool for stock options trading strategy analysis. By using real-time options and market information through an easy to use interface, traders can analyze their options strategies in greater detail.


OptionVue – by Optionvue Systems International

This software offers options traders real-time quotes, back-testing and scanning, as well as performance graphs and other features.


Oz Scanner

The OZ scanner by Tony Oz works with realtick software. It searches different types of long and short patterns found in Tony Oz’s playbook.

Pair Tool by Catalyst Corner – Catalyst Corner provides free research reports on companies that are expected to release market moving news. The pair tool compares fundamental data and displays it graphically.


PairTrade Finder

This stock trading software allows you to import over 1 million instruments from 100s of different markets. Features include back testing, charting, TA, fundamentals, stock tips, audio alerts and more.



ProRealtime High Frequency Trading Software offers trading simulation, trend detection, a market scanner, programmable indicators and back testing They also offer learning support via 64 video tutorials and a trading social network.



offers charting, back-testing, and includes a lot of plug in. The trading software supports US and international markets and can be used for equities, options, futures, and forex.



Quote Trackers high frequency trading software is a windows program that integrates with carious data feeds, brokers, and financial sites to bring you real time quotes, live intraday charts, technical indicators, market depth (LII), alerts, and news.


Real Tick – by ConvergeEx Group.

RealTick is a global multi broker, multi asset class trading platform. It provides access to global markets, brokers, and liquidity venues along with real time global market analysis and trading risk management.



This software is based upon C# and VisualBasic.NET allowing you to create fully automated trading systems. It offers over 100 built in drag and drop indicators for customizable charting and portfolio level back testing and optimization.



Seer advanced high frequency trading software uses technical analysis and quantitative finance applications for building, back testing and live deployment of stock, futures and forex trading systems. This allows you to mix asset types, operate within different time frames simultaneously, build your own indicators, and adapt your position sizes according to risk.


Sierra Chart

This is a Real-time and Historical, Charting and Technical Analysis platform with automated trading capabilities for the financial markets. Its main feature is that its easy to use.

SortWizard by Neo inc

This scanning software allows you to search and sort through a list of stocks using different criteria.

Sterling Trader Pro

This high frequency trading software is broker neutral and offers day traders and investors a complete trading platform. The features include:

  • Customizable, Windows™-based layouts
  • Stop Orders, PEG Orders, Hidden Orders
  • Level II, Options Chains, Time and Sales
  • Hot Keys
  • Charts, News, Market Alerts
  • Pioneering Third-Party Tools
  • Trade Equities, Options, and Futures
  • Real-Time Profit and Loss, Market and Portfolio Analysis
  • API

In addition to US market access, Sterling Trader® Pro offers real-time direct access to Canada, Europe, and Brazil, including:

  • BM&F Bovespa
  • London Stock Exchange
  • BATS Europe
  • Chi-X Europe
  • Euronext
  • NASDAQ OMX Europe
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Chi-X Canada
  • PURE

The software is used by both brokers and individual day traders with their own accounts.

StockMarket Mirror

This Software offers technical analysis of stock markets, with market timing and charting of individual equities.


This utility allows you to scan, sort, back-test and color charts based upon your chosen conditions. Features include intra day charts and scans accessible offline as well as the ability to create your own indicators.



Offers real stock data for historical replay and virtual money. It has a few technical indicators as well as certain alerts You may also import intraday data from trade station and eSignal.


is a series a color coded heat maps that allows you to view market conditions on a single screen. Green areas indicate rising stocks and sectors whereas red areas indicate falling areas of the market. The software allows you to zoom in and sort by things like performance, price and volume. Stocktouch allows you to view back over 5 years of data. It works with both iPad and iPhone.


Stormchaser technologies is an ATS provider for high frequency traders, hedge funds and broker-dealers. The software features a real-time configurable scanner, back-testing capabilities, and a black box execution platform.

Strategy Runner

This multi asset trading tool for active traders offers a charting package with real-time and historical charts, the ability to trade from the charts or market depth window, 100s of automated strategies and more.

Strategy Trader by FXCM

This software was developed to be an automated forex trading platform, fully optimized for no dealing forex desk execution. Strategy trader software offers advanced back-testing and rapid order execution. FXCM also partners Mirror Trader and MetaTrader.

Technical Screens Marketinout

This stock screener offers back-testing through historical data as well as the ability to screen for price trends, Fibonacci retracements, macd, trend-lines, moving average crosses and more.



This stock charting software offers real-time quotes and eod charts along with drawing tools and technical indicators. It offers an easy to use script language that lets you back test your strategies, find stocks and create trading indicators or stock pattern alerts.

  • Trade ideas – Trade ideas software is one of the most popular and effective stock scanners available for high frequency traders, swing traders, and investors.
  • Trade ideas high frequency trading software offers:
  • Application based scanning,
  • Real time market scanning,
  • Browser-based scanning,
  • Event back testing,
  • Gray box assisted control and
  • Black box fully automated trading.

They do allow you to see their software run in non real time if you want to check it out.



This daytrading software offers a realtime advanced charting with 100+ technical indicators, back testing, strategy building tools, along with custom indicators, studies, and alerts


This software offers a powerful technical analysis system filled with technical tools, INDEXIA proprietary indicators, and point and figure charting. It allows traders to create their own alerts and indicators and offers historical news data, market mapping, and more.



TradeStation high frequency trading software is among the most popular trading platforms available.

TradeStation features:

  • Direct access to every major U.S exchange and ECN,
  • The ability to track custom alerts in a single window
  • Market depth and one click all ordering
  • Back-testing up to 87 years of stock market data
  • Automated trading
  • Hot lists and market breadth indicators.
  • TradeStation can also be used to trade Options, Futures, and Forex.



Offers advanced charting and execution, with hundreds of indicators and a discretionary and auto execution system


The futures software offers technical analysis, strategy trading, and customizable studies and drawing tools.



This high frequency trading software offers many features including the ability to scan stocks, forex, and futures, multi time frame charting, and alert generation, text to speech voice prompts, as well as various charting tools and indicators.



Wave 59 technologies high frequency trading software boasts powerful trading tools and unique proprietary applications including:

  • Technical Indicators
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Hive Technology
  • Fibonacci Vortex
  • Market Astrophysics
  • Time and Price Patterns
  • Gann suite
  • Drawing tools
  • Neural Networks
  • Custom Scripting
  • System Testing
  • Data Feed Options
  • Custom Scripting
  • Training Mode, and
  • System Testing

Each of these examples of trading platforms and tools has their strengths and weaknesses. Most of them allow you to take a test run. Try starting with a simple version and then moving to a more complex one. Alternatively, you could start with an in depth trial like eSignal and learn as much as you can during the trial period focusing only on using the software. This in turn will make learning the other applications easier and bring you closer to choosing the absolute best high frequency trading software available.